China’s new visa laws target expats

On July 1st 2013, China introduced new visa laws for foreigners, supposedly targeting illegal workers, but in reality targeting all expats in China (read the laws here).

Mostly it seems about being able to control and punish foreigners more, which is to be expected to deflect from the crashing economy. They will also be able […]

The balinghou

by James Palmer

Chinese parents bemoan the laziness and greed of their children, but this generation of young people has had enough

In 2004, fresh off the plane in Beijing, I was asked to judge an English competition for high-school seniors. My two co-judges were pleasantly cynical middle-aged sociologists, both professors at Tsinghua University. […]

The Four Languages of „Mandarin“

The Four Languages of „Mandarin“ [1] by Robert M. Sanders

Assistant Professor of Chinese Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures University of Hawaii

Sino-Platonic Papers, 4 (November 1987)

1.0 Introduction

Many hours have been spent at scholarly meetings and many pages of academic writing have been expended discussing what is to be considered […]

РЕЧНИЦИ – библиография през китайски и други езици

C—Translating the Language

Dictionary Bibliographies

U.S. Department of State. Office of External Research. List of Chinese Dictionaries in All Languages. Washington D.C. 1967. Mathias, J. and Sandra Hinson. A Compilation of Chinese Dictionaries. New Haven: Far Eastern Publications, Yale University, 1975. Yang, Paul Fu-mien. Chinese Lexicology and Lexiography a Selected and Classified Bibliography. Hong […]

Цензурата в Sina Weibo (微博) – най-авторитетната китайска платформа за микроблогове


С навлизането на новите технологии, Китай се сблъска с нов проблем, възникнал с политиката на цензура на всякаква информация. Докато имаше само радио и телевизия, властите нямаха затруднения в това да прецеждат „неполезните“ новини и просто да не ги пускат. Блоговете напълно преобърнаха статуквото.

Днес в Китай расте нова прослойка интелигентни и политически […]