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The Four Languages of „Mandarin“

в категория ЕЗИКОЗНАНИЕ, Езикознание

The Four Languages of „Mandarin“ [1]
by Robert M. Sanders

Assistant Professor of Chinese
Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures
University of Hawaii

Sino-Platonic Papers, 4 (November 1987)

1.0 Introduction

Many hours have been spent at scholarly meetings and many pages of academic writing have been expended discussing what is to be considered acceptable Mandarin. Very often these discussions degenerate into simplistic and narrow-minded statements such as “That’s not the way we say it in …!” or “We had better ask someone from Peking.”

Objectively speaking, these disagreements on style reflect a less-than-rigorous definition of which type of Mandarin each party is referring to. Because there has been a failure by all concerned to define fully the linguistic and socio-linguistic parameters of their assumed language(s), Mandarin oranges are often unwittingly being compared with Mandarin apples. (още…)

РЕЧНИЦИ – библиография през китайски и други езици

в категория ЕЗИКОЗНАНИЕ, Езикознание, СПРАВОЧНИК

C—Translating the Language

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